Rachel Richards

licensed massage therapist

east village, nyc

The Power of Solitude - Your Free Gift

Welcome, and thank you for joining me for this delightful 20-minute self-massage for artists! We had an amazing week exploring "The Power of Solitude - How Artists Can Use Solitude to Creatively Heal Their Relationships."

Today, we will focus on the relationships we have with ourselves, by getting in touch with our bodies, relaxing our minds, releasing tension, and improving our posture. We will focus on the areas that tend to get tight and painful after hours of writing, painting, drawing, composing, crafting, designing, photographing, sewing, or any number of other art forms that have us in a slouched posture, with rounded spines, hunched shoulders, and forward heads. Over time, this compromised position puts tremendous strain on our jaws, necks, shoulders, arms, hands, and backs.

So have a comfortable seat, and get ready to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with yourself!