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News: August 2016

Relieve your headache pain with this amazing self-massage!

If you're one of the millions of headache sufferers, ease your pain with these effective self-massage techniques. Sometimes, painkillers just don't do the trick. Self-massage is a healthier and longer lasting solution. Let me guide you through this wonderful self-massage and feel your headache melt away!


It's not just in your head

Research over the past several decades has revealed new and surprising information about the science of pain. As a result, our nation is currently undergoing a paradigm shift in the way pain is treated. Opioids, for example, are no longer seen as an effective treatment for chronic pain. We know that pain is a signal alerting us to some bodily injury. What many people don't know, however, is that pain can be, and often is, experienced without any trace of tissue damage. Pain signals come from the nervous system, and the severity of pain is influenced by psychological and social factors.

I have seen countless clients who are exasperated and discouraged after numerous doctors and specialists told them there's nothing wrong. Exams, x-rays, and MRIs revealed no tissue damage. Perhaps some doctors have left patients feeling as if the pain isn't real or "all in their heads." Failure to validate one's pain often creates frustration, stress, and an increase in pain symptoms for the patient.

It will be fascinating to see what future research uncovers. For now, know that your pain is very real, whether or not the source has been identified. And more importantly, know that there are ways to alleviate even mysterious pain and achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle. The best place to begin is with massage therapy. You can also check out dozens of articles on pain relief on my website, and self-care videos on my YouTube channel.

For an interesting discussion on pain, read "A painful article on pain."

Source: Rajam Roose, MASSAGE Magazine

What's new with me ...

I had been looking forward to going on summer school trips with my daughter and her class. So far we've gone to the central park zoo and to the prospect park farm. I'm not sure what I thought would be fun about schlepping a group of 3-year-olds through mass transit, and hiking on hilly terrain in 90-degree heat, with my daughter insisting that I carry her. But, hey, the marmosets were pretty cool.

In more exciting news, my book is proofed and complete! I've begun working on the publication process. In case you missed last month's newsletter, click here to learn more about my book, Hungry for Life: a memoir unlocking the truth inside an anorexic mind.

Sienna loves making up stories. Usually they include original musical numbers. She even added new characters to her Superheroes Book of Opposites, like Captain Warm (to go with Captain Cold), and their baby, Captain Cool. Check out the latest photos and videos of our very creative three-year-old.

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