Rachel Richards

licensed massage therapist

east village, nyc

What to Expect with Your Massage

What clients can expect from me:

  • I provide my clients with a competent and professional service each time they come for an appointment, addressing each client's specific needs for that session.
  • I return phone calls within 24 hours unless my message says otherwise.
  • Clients are treated with respect and given the best possible care with disregard to age, gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, body type, political affiliation, state of health or personal habits.
  • Clients are appropriately draped at all times.
  • Appointment reminders are emailed the day before.
  • Privacy and confidentially are strictly maintained at all times.
  • My equipment and supplies are always clean and safe.
  • Personal and professional boundaries are respected at all times.
  • I give a 24-hour follow up phone call after the initial massage session, to see how my client is feeling and learn if I should make any adjustments to the treatment.
  • I perform services for which I am qualified and able to do, and refer to appropriate specialists when the work is not within my scope of practice and/or not in the client's best interest.
  • If I need to cancel an appointment, I will do so within 24 hours, barring emergencies.

What I expect from my clients:

  • Before your first session, I will ask you to complete a basic electronic intake form, regarding your health history, and will ask that you please update your information whenever necessary.
  • Payment is expected at the time that service is rendered. I accept cash, checks, or credit card.
  • If the client experiences any pain or discomfort during the session, he/she will immediately inform the therapist so that the pressure and/or strokes may be adjusted to the client's level of comfort.
  • Sexual harassment is not tolerated. If the practitioner's safety is compromised, the session is stopped immediately.
  • Cancellation policy: I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel after 24 hours, but before 5:00 pm the day before your appointment, you will be charged one-half the session fee. After that, you will be responsible for the session fee in full. You can avoid these cancellation charges by having a friend or family member take your appointment time.

If you're not absolutely delighted with your experience, I will pay for your session.
I look forward to helping you feel your best!

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American Massage Therapy Association

Swedish InstituteCertified Myoskeletal TherapistNational Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

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