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News: December 2016

Hungry for Life Now Available!!!

Many of you know me as a massage therapist who teaches self-care and promotes health and wellness. So it may come as a surprise to you that I myself have had an unhealthy past.

I grew up struggling with anorexia. Several years ago, I began writing my story, and today I am very excited to announce my book, Hungry for Life, which is now available on Amazon!

I was at my lowest point when I graduated college weighing only 69 pounds. How did I get there, and how did I recover and end up in a healing profession? By taking you on a journey through my skewed thoughts and behaviors, you get a rare inside view into the secret life of anorexia.

Eating disorders are an ever-growing epidemic. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental disorder. Understanding the mind of the sufferer is essential to knowing how to help, since our instincts are often surprisingly misguided when it comes to this issue.

I really hope you read my book! Click here to get your copy, and join me to unravel the mysteries behind anorexia and recovery. And if you like the book, please help me out by leaving an Amazon review. In addition, I welcome and encourage any questions and feedback.

Thank you for allowing me to share my personal story with you.

You're getting your massage all wrong!

I recently wrote an article on how to get the most out of your massage session - The 12 steps to getting a great massage. Shortly after that, I discovered a funny article in the Onion explaining what NOT to do when getting a massage. Check it out.

What's new with me ...

I'm so excited that my book is finally published! I hope you all read it! (I've been told it's excellent, by the way.) And if you still need some holiday gifts, why not try a Rachel Richards Massage gift card? Call, text, or e-mail me and your holiday shopping is done!

Sienna loves dancing, so I signed her up for ballet lessons. I can't wait to show off her triple pirouette!

I wish you all a wonderful holiday and a very happy, healthy new year!

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Available now!

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