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News: January 2016

Change your mood about your phone

It doesn't come as a surprise to most that our emotions affect our posture. Depression, for example, can cause hunched spines, forward shoulders, and a caved-in chest. But did you know that the opposite is also true? Our posture powerfully influences our moods. And with today's hand-held devices, slouched posture (also known as the iHunch) has become a staple in our society. The upper back hump that used to be characteristic among the elderly is now showing up in teenagers! What does this mean for our collective psychology?

A recent study concluded that slouched posture caused participates to have lower self-esteem, more fear, and greater stress than their upright counterparts. Other studies have shown that hunching negatively impacts our memories and productivity.

Preliminary research suggests that size matters. The smaller the device, the more slouched the posture, the more submissive we become. So while we use our devices to increase productivity, we could easily be negating that outcome simply by our assumed posture.

What can we do? For one, get massage therapy on a regular basis. Research has shown that massage alleviates stress, relieves depression, improves mood, and promotes physical and emotional well being. You get an extra bonus if you work with a therapist that specializes in postural alignment, like myself!

But we're not about to give up our iPhones and tablets. So how do we use our devices and still remain alert, positive, and productive? Watch my video to find out ...

Source: New York Times

Lift your posture to lift your mood!

Obtain a healthy body and mind by being smarter than your smart phone. Find out how to practice good body mechanics when using your smart phone in order to prevent common injuries and pain conditions, reduce stress, improve memory, and remain alert, positive, and productive.


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I hope everyone had a happy New Year's celebration! Jesse and I rang in the new year the way I'm sure most do: watched "Go Diego Go" with Sienna, gave Sienna ice cream, counted down with Sienna at 9pm, put Sienna to bed, worked until 11:58pm, watched the colored lights flicker on the empire state building from our bedroom window, mumbled "happy new year" and collapsed.

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