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News: February 2017

Self-care has never been so easy

Winter is tough for a lot of us. Cold, gray days and long dark nights can negatively impact our energy, focus, or motivation. Busy schedules, fatigue, and the winter blues can make it easy to let self-care fall by the wayside. But this is when self-care is most important. I have discovered four apps that are great for enhancing the health of your body and mind, in ways that are quick and so simple to incorporate into your routine.

  1. Headspace - Research has repeatedly shown that meditating daily, even for just 10 minutes, can lower anxiety and improve your health and quality of life. Headspace teaches you how to meditate and provides you with guided meditation sessions you can listen to anytime, anywhere.
  2. Health - This app consolidates all your health information and goals so you can view and track your progress all in one place. The Health app begins by tracking your data in four separate categories: Activity, Sleep, Mindfulness, and Nutrition.
  3. iSleep Easy - To help you fall asleep, this app offers a variety of guided meditations, music choices, and nature sounds. You can listen to pre-set playlists, or create your own.
  4. Yogeze - For those of you who work at computers, this app gently reminds you to breathe and stretch with animated characters who unobtrusively appear on your monitor to guide you through some yoga poses. This is great for improving posture and reducing stress. Yogeze is completely customizable.

Try them out and let me know what you think. I'm interested to learn if any of these apps helped improve your mood, sleep, stress levels, fitness, and overall health. It can be challenging to remember to take care of ourselves, especially during winter months. Fortunately, modern technology is making it easier!

Source: Massage Magazine, January 2017

Bring peace and perspective into your busy life with this brief meditation

Are you working all the time? Do you feel trapped? Are you exhausted or burnt out? Try this 4-minute meditation exercise to interrupt your overworking mind, reset yourself, and gain some perspective.


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