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News: March 2017

How to catch your zzz's

If you have trouble sleeping, as so many do, I bet you haven't tried the following techniques to help you improve the quality and duration of your sleep. Check out the following YouTube video collaboration I did with Dr. Melissa West of Living Your Yoga TV.

When I ask my clients how much sleep they get, most of them laugh. We are an overworked, sleep-deprived society. Most of us don't give ourselves the time we need to rest and restore our bodies. And even when we do, many of us have trouble falling or staying asleep. Follow along with me as I teach you easy and effective self-massage techniques that will relax your body, quiet your mind, and help you float away to dreamland.

Watch my video to learn how to soothe yourself to sleep.

Yoga is another wonderful way to prepare yourself for a peaceful sleep. Melissa demonstrates a yoga pose with three variations designed to alleviate stress and anxiety and relax you into a sleeping mood.


March is client appreciation month!

At least it is at Rachel Richards Massage. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my past and current clients for your trust, loyalty, dedication, and kindness. You are the reason I look forward to work everyday.

As a massage therapist, my number one concern is your health and wellbeing. But my job is not so selfless. I thrive on the rich experiences you offer, the lessons you teach, and the smiles you share.

As a small token of my gratitude, all current clients will receive a gift at your massage session this month. Can't wait to see you then!

What's new with me ...

National Eating Disorders Awareness week is February 26th through March 4th. To show my support, I will be donating 10% of the proceeds from my book sales to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA). Help me help at least one of the 30 million eating disorder sufferers by getting your copy of Amazon best-seller Hungry for Life. (I hear it's excellent!)

Sienna turns 4 years old this month! My little builder has chosen her party theme: "I love LEGOs!"

A few days ago, I told Sienna I loved her so much, I could eat her up. Her response: "But not literally!"

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