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News: March 2018

Stop exercising and start living!

Exercise is arguably the best medicine. It changes the body and the brain in powerful ways. The physiological and neurological benefits of exercise include anti-aging, mental clarity, stress reduction, increased self-esteem, improved body image, enhanced memory, better cognitive function. Exercise even acts as an antidepressant. Still, 60% of American adults are not physically active.

So many of my clients beat themselves up because they haven't gotten to the gym in weeks (or years). They don't have the time or the willpower.

If exercise can make our lives better, why don't more of us do it? Why is it so hard to drag ourselves to the gym? Why do we feel repelled when we look at a weight machine? The answer is simple: it's not natural to work out. Rather, we were designed to lead physically active lifestyles. Our bodies weren't made for the sedentary lifestyle most of us have adapted.

Long ago, when humans were hunting and gathering, they weren't exercising - they were living! In modern times, we need to make an effort to keep physically fit - especially if we work at computers or other sedentary jobs. But that doesn't mean we have to go to the gym and work out. We just need to find ways to make physical activity a part of our natural lifestyle. This can be as simple as going for a brisk walk with a friend, doing some housework, walking to work instead of taking the subway, playing with your children, taking your dog for a run. These are activities that can easily be incorporated into everyday life.

And here's a secret: just 30 minutes of physical activity three times a week is enough to change your life in all the wonderful ways listed above. The powerful effects can be better than medication and without the unwanted side effects. No gym, no pills, just take a walk. Put some physical activity into your daily routine, and make it something you enjoy. Forget about exercise. Try living instead!

Sources: Stephen Ilardi - TEDx Talk, U.S. News

Relieve tight, achy calves with this wonderful self massage!

Many of us have tight, achy calves - maybe from walking, running, driving, or poor footwear. Even stress can make us clench our toes and tighten our calves. Whatever the reason, if you have tight calves then this video is for you. Follow along with this feel-good self massage that will have your calves feeling loose, limber, and pain free!

What's new with me ...

I can't believe my baby turns 5 this month! We had a great time on her winter break. We went to LEGO Live NYC, which was super fun for the whole family! There were a bunch of tables where we could just build and build, and even a "pool" of LEGOs. We also went to the Children's Museum of Art, the Museum of Math (because my kid does mathematical equations for fun!), the LEGO store, the playground, Barnes and Noble, the movies, visited family, and played with friends. I need a vacation after my kid's vacation!

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