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News: November 2018

What small body parts have 25% of your bones? Your feet!

Many of us pay little mind to our feet unless they hurt. But our feet carry our entire weight around every day. When our feet hurt, it's difficult, if not impossible, to carry out our daily activities. We use and abuse them by standing for hours on end, wearing uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes, or sporting high heels. Neglect and improper care can lead to a myriad of foot problems including plantar fasciitis, bunions, calluses, fungal infections, Morton's neuroma, ingrown toenails, heal spurs, hammertoes, blisters, and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

With 26 bones, 33 joints, and 107 ligaments in each foot, it's no wonder that when the feet are out of alignment, so is the rest of the body. Foot problems can lead to knee, hip, low back, and even shoulder and neck pain. Left unattended, an ill-aligned body can develop arthritis, spondylitis, reduced mobility, herniated spinal discs, inflammation, muscle spasms, disc degeneration, headaches, digestive problems, trouble sleeping, stiffness, weakness, numbness and tingling, and the list goes on.

Prevention is key to avoiding foot problems. Keep your feet healthy by checking them daily for inflammation, cuts, sores, or infected toenails. Wear shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and fit well. Wash your feet every day in warm water and be sure to dry them thoroughly, including in between the toes. When sitting, encourage blood flow by elevating your feet. And of course, massage your feet!

Massaging your feet can reduce pain, prevent injuries, promote circulation, alleviate anxiety, lower blood pressure, decrease swelling, reduce stress, and ease headaches. Don't know how to massage your feet? Fear not. Just click on the video below and follow along with me!

Foot self massage

Get much needed relief by following along with this easy and good feeling foot self massage. This video is great for those with plantar fasciitis. But you don't have to have plantar fasciitis to benefit from this self massage. It will soothe achy feet, reduce anxiety, and promote an overall sense of wellness. So take off your shoes and let's get started!

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My book promo was successful and I've now sold over 8500 copies! I'm going for 10,000. :)

For Halloween, Sienna went as Judy Moody from the popular children's book series. I thought she made an appropriate choice, considering she exhibits about one thousand different moods per minute!

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