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News: August 2020

Massage can help you through this

After nearly five months of working from home, being both a parent and teacher to your kids, social isolation, a heavy dose of anxiety, and summer plans quashed, I'm guessing you could really use a good massage.

You're in luck - Rachel Richards Massage has reopened!

As always, my number one concern is your safety. If you have a fever, flu symptoms, have recently been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, or if you are immunocompromised, I will not be able to see you at this time, but I am eager for the day when we can safely work together once again!

I will be following New York State guidelines for helping everyone stay safe and healthy:

  • When you see me, I will be wearing a mask and face shield. (I hear it's the latest fashion.)
  • I will be taking every client's temperature at the door with a no-touch thermometer.
  • I will be sanitizing all treatment equipment before and after every client.
  • I will also sanitize the bathroom, door knobs, and surfaces before and after every client.
  • I will be using disposable face cradle covers.
  • There will be disposable plastic covering on the couch that will be changed for every client.
  • There will be hand sanitizer available for you both in the lobby and in the treatment room.
  • There will be antiseptic soap in the bathroom for hand washing.
  • All windows will be open, and the air conditioner or fan on.
  • All clients must wear masks throughout appointments, except when in prone (face down) position.
  • Every client who schedules an appointment will be sent a Covid-19 liability waiver to sign before visiting.

Massage therapy is more important than ever during this pandemic. We need to get out of crisis mode and restore our bodies and minds, improve alignment, decrease anxiety, and just feel better for a change!

Call or text 917-359-8641, or e-mail massage@rachel-richards.com to schedule an appointment. Thanks, and I can't wait to see you back!

Alleviate carpal tunnel symptoms with self-massage

If you are experiencing burning, tingling, numbness, or shooting pain in your thumb, index and middle fingers, step one is to see a doctor. If you are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, this self-massage can be great adjunct to other treatments that your doctor may offer.

I have seen carpal tunnel self-massage videos that involve putting a lot of pressure on the wrist, and therefore the median nerve. Since carpal tunnel syndrome is synonymous with median nerve compression, this seems counterproductive.

In this video, we take a gentler, and more practical approach to treatment. Follow along as I teach you self-massage techniques, as well as nerve flossing, to help alleviate carpal tunnel symptoms.


What's new with me ...

Jesse and I are excited and relieved to report that Sienna is loving school! She comes home every day with lots of art work and big smiles. When Sienna is not at school, she is teaching. Her bedroom is her classroom and her dolls are her students. She recently enrolled her newest student, Leo.

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