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News: October 2020

Finding balance in uncertainty

If you know me well, or have read my book, you probably know that I'm not one to do something halfway. Going the full nine yards can be a positive trait, if your commitments are limited to one or two avenues of life. But what if you're like me, and want to give your all to five, six, or seven ambitions? Well, you can try, but sooner or later your body is going to say, "No, thank you!"

That's what happened to me. I've been trying to excel in parenting, massage therapy, writing my novel, filming videos for my YouTube channel, and doing hardcore hour-long workouts daily. I was so caught up in it all, I didn't recognize my body's cues to slow down. That is, until my body forced me to slow down. I hit a wall. It was the end of another busy week, and I was ready to collapse. I felt weak, wiped-out, and hungry. My body finally had my attention, and the message rang loud and clear: I needed to eat, rest, and slow the heck down!

Perhaps you can relate to my story. Living through this pandemic, I feel that a lot of us are "overdoing it" in some fashion, as if in an effort to regain some level of control over our lives in a world that is troubling and uncertain.

Does this mean we have to give up what we're doing? Not at all. We just need to adjust. Not everything needs to be done 110%. For me, it means replacing some high intensity cardio with restorative yoga, snacking throughout the day to refuel, and not overbooking my schedule. It also means being mindful of my body and how I feel.

I encourage you to slow down, take a step back, and evaluate your day-to-day life. What is causing you anxiety? If you have too much on your plate, how can you scale back? Could your diet improve? Are you getting enough sleep? Take the time to answer these questions now, before your body crashes, and give yourself the space you need to rest and heal.

I often need to cross a line before I know where the line is drawn. It's a learning experience that hopefully helps me to better understand myself and my needs. (FYI, I gained this perspective after getting a really great massage. Alongside the better-known benefits, massage can offer clarity, insight, and inspiration!)

We may not be able to control the world around us, but we do indeed have control over ourselves. It is not selfish or lazy to balance your busy life with rest and restoration. It's necessary. Remember, if you don't slow down and listen to your body, sooner or later your body will make you.

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