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News: February 2021

Melt your partner's tension away with an awesome massage - by you!

That's right, you are doing the massage! Use this mini "training course" to help you give an awesome massage that will leave both you and your Valentine feeling amazing!

First, set the scene. Chances are, you don't have a massage table, so you can use a bed, couch, carpeted floor, or put down a yoga mat. You want the surface to be somewhat firm, to allow you to apply the right amount of pressure. Dim the lights, perhaps light some candles. Turn on relaxing music. If you need recommendations, I love Deuter, William Ackerman, and Jeff Gold.

Try some essential oil. I find lavender very calming. You can put the oil into a diffuser, or mix it into the cream or lotion you'll be using for the massage. Have a sheet or blanket to keep your partner warm.

Now let's talk body mechanics. Most people only engage their arms and hands to give a massage, which can wear them out quickly, cutting the massage session very short. Concentrate instead on using the bigger, stronger muscles in your legs and hips to initiate the movement. Keeping your hands, arms and shoulders relaxed, slowly pour your body weight into your partner. Your knees should be bent, spine erect, and pelvis in a neutral position. Then allow the weight to pour back into your body. Play with this idea of pouring the weight back and forth until you create a comfortable rhythm. You can use this movement to simply compress and release your partner's tissue, or you can allow your body weight to rock your partner as you move back and forth. Either way, this should feel relaxing for both of you.

To create gliding strokes, add some oil or lotion, making sure to warm it in your hands before applying it to your partner. Now when you pour your weight into your partner, shift the weight in your hips and legs and allow your hands to naturally follow the movement of your body. With your neck, shoulders, and arms relaxed, use this movement to create soothing strokes up and down your partner's back. (The same mechanics apply when you're working on your partner's arms and legs.) Allow your whole body to rock naturally with the strokes. Take a look at this video for a good demonstration of some basic Swedish massage strokes.

You want your partner close enough so that your arms remain a comfortable distance in front of your body, rather than having to reach forward. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed at all times - not rounded forward or raised to your ears. Try to keep your wrists and fingers - especially your thumbs -in a straight line with your forearm. Remember that relaxed hands feel better on your partner.

Remember, you have many massage "tools" other than just your hands. To keep your hands from tiring, use your fingers, fists, palms, and forearms. This will prevent you from getting worn out and will give you and your partner more variety in the massage session.

Ask your partner where they feel pain or tension, and give those area extra attention. Check in with your partner frequently to make sure that the pressure is comfortable - not too deep and not too light.

Last but certainly not least, remember to breathe! Deep, regular breathing will help you stay centered and relaxed. It also helps to remind your partner to take some deep, generous breaths. The better you feel while giving a massage, the better it will be received. Follow these tips, and you will have a very happy Valentine!

Lauriann Greene, Save Your Hands!

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I am so grateful to you for reading, watching, and supporting my mission to empower all individuals to take charge of their own health. This Valentine's Day, my heart is filled with love for this ever-growing community of massage and wellness enthusiasts!

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