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News: November 2021

How to Have a Pain-Free Thanksgiving

I'm terrible at cooking, but I do know a lot about body mechanics. If you are cooking this Thanksgiving, check out this 3-minute video on how to use proper body mechanics in the kitchen when bending, lifting, turning, and reaching overhead.

You'd be surprised at how a few minor adjustments can save your body from pain in the shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips, legs, knees, and feet.

By following these basic principles and practicing good alignment, you can relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving pain free!

I'm Sharing My Wellness Faves!

I bet you've been wondering, "How does Rachel stay so youthful and radiant?" Well, wonder no more! I am sharing my secrets with you on my personal Amazon store page, where you can shop all of my favorite health and wellness products - including self-massage tools, exercise equipment, relaxing music, skin care, books, and more.

When you purchase from my page, I get a (very small) commission that helps to support my YouTube channel. So check out my top picks!


What's new with me: Thank You Thank You Thank You!

After my unexpected surgery, I am overflowing with gratitude this November! I am alive and well, home with my family and back to work. And I am so grateful to all of you for your support and well wishes. Your cards, emails, and messages carried me through my recovery.

I'm sending you back my love and warm wishes for a joyful Thanksgiving!

Sienna had a fun-filled Halloween, with holiday activities at school, and trick or treating in the Stuy Town playgrounds. Well, we actually only went to one playground because a girl, dressed as a waffle, recognized Sienna's costume as a character from an iPad game - a favorite for both kids! They played together on the swings and forgot about candy. Fine by us!

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