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News: March 2022

This Wellness Summit Might Change Your Life

I have collaborated with 48 expert health professionals to bring you a life-changing 12-day long wellness summit especially designed for people over 40, who are interested in learning how to live healthier, fitter, and longer. And it's FREE!

The Summit is committed to helping you take action, so in addition to gaining insights, strategies, and inspirations from masterclass speakers, you will also have access to 36 wellness sessions, including Pilates, yoga, fitness workouts, stretching, core strengthening, healthy eating cooking classes, and of course, I will be there to bring you self-massage and meditation.

The Wellness After 40 Summit is set for March 14th through March 26th. When you register, you will also receive the 220-page "Wellness Life After 40 Guide," and learn what ageless living, wellness, and longevity mean to 50 fitness and wellness experts.

This Summit is bringing you a wealth of health, and it's all free, so please take advantage of this golden opportunity and register now. I am excited to see you there!

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Free Cancer-Fighter's Self-Care Bundle

I'm super excited to announce that I am collaborating with Empower You, an alliance of wellness practitioners who help to empower people with cancer and their loved ones and caregivers, by teaching self-care through yoga, strength training, nutrition, meditation, guided self-massage, and art classes.

The founder, Kimberly Lowe, has put together a generous self-care bundle that is available to you for FREE. It includes a meditation, gentle yoga class, art class, and guided self-massage by yours truly. When you sign up, the four classes are delivered right to your inbox.

I would love for these amazing resources to reach everyone who could benefit from them. If you know someone with cancer, or anyone caring for someone with cancer, please help by passing along this free self-care bundle.

Relieve Upper Body Pain and Tension with Self-Massage for Forward Head Posture

Last month, I wrote about the high prevalence of forward head posture, and the resulting tissue damage and pain conditions. Now we're going to treat it!

Forward head posture is a position so many of us find ourselves in these days, as we round over our computers and phones. The head comes forward and the neck hyperextends, putting strain on the spine, upper back, shoulders, neck, and head.

Over time, this posture can lead to headaches, neck spasms, upper back pain, shoulder pain and stiffness, limited range of motion in the neck, shoulders, and upper back, disc bulges or herniations, spinal stenosis, shoulder impingements, difficulty breathing fully, and the list goes on.

Join me for this easy, effective, and relaxing self-massage to reduce forward head posture and alleviate upper body tension. For long lasting results, practice this self-massage a few times a week, and adjust your work space to be ergonomically optimal for your body.

What's new with me ...

Sienna was off from school for winter break, and spent a few days with her grandparents. This gave Jesse and me some time to visit Fotografiska, a museum of photography that was way cooler than we had expected! We also had lunch at our favorite pizza place, and tried to remember the last time we went to a museum or restaurant. It's been a while.

Sienna is turning 9 this month! She has been making videos nearly nonstop. Every place is a film set, every person a character in her stories. I do my best to help out, but when my alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m. and I hear, "Mom! I need to film you right now," well ...

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