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News: September 2023

Take Charge of Your Mental Health with the Happy Minds Summit!

September is National Self-Care Awareness Month, so there's no better time to step up your self-care game! And I'm making it easy for you with a glorious mental health-boosting solution, all from the comfort of home.

Do you often find yourself anxious, stressed-out, and exhausted? Do you promise yourself you're going to do something about it, but life gets too busy and you never seem to have enough time to take care of you?

Now is that time, and you don't have to do it alone. I am one of over 70 mental wellness experts and therapists who are speaking at the online Happy Minds Summit, giving you strategies, tools, and practices to help you stay calm and focused in even the most challenging situations.

At the Happy Minds Summit, some of the most well-known names in mental wellness, therapy, and healing share their tried-and-true approaches to managing stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma. They teach you how to optimize your mental health so that you can truly thrive. I speak about massage and self-massage for stress and anxiety, and share self-massage techniques to boost your mental wellness right away.

You'll also have access to 10 wellness sessions (you'll see me there as well) including daily yoga, meditation, and breathwork . In addition, you'll hear 9 inspiring stories of those who have battled with and recovered from mental illness.

What I love most about this event is that you get loads of practical advice that you can implement into your life immediately to improve your long term mental wellbeing and build resilience, allowing you to better manage the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

Don't put your mental health on hold any longer. If you register today, you will have free access to the entire Summit this weekend, and can view any or all of the sessions! If you think this will be helpful for you, I encourage you to upgrade and have lifetime access to the whole Summit. Damian, my brilliant friend and the host of the Happy Minds Summit, is offering a generously low price for the full-access pass this month. You'll get a wealth of expert information, guidance, practical advice, and wellness classes that you can watch and rewatch on your own time.

Click here to claim your spot. Join me in this incredible mental wellness event and empower yourself to live your best life!

Beyond Body Image: Learn to Love and Accept Yourself with Self-Massage

Honor National Self-Care Awareness Month by joining me for a delightful self-massage designed to help us cultivate a loving relationship with our bodies. We will work towards self-acceptance, and look for the mind-body connection needed to live meaningfully and mindfully.

So many of us spend a lot of our time worrying about our bodies, comparing them to what we believe to be the ideal figure. More often than not, this "perfect body" is not even attainable. We diet and exercise to try to mold ourselves to look the way we want others to see us. And when we fail to reach our impossible goal, we punish ourselves for being less worthy of attention and adoration than the supermodel in the bikini. We may try to hide parts of our bodies that make us self-conscious. We may even stop socializing or going out altogether.

With the onslaught of the pandemic, body image issues have exploded. We were stuck at home, with so much focus on ourselves. The abrupt stop to our daily routines had many people gaining a lot of weight, and many others quickly shedding pounds. Rates of depression and anxiety skyrocketed, and cases of eating disorders in the U.S. more than doubled.

What if we were to accept our bodies just the way they are, and realize that we are so much more than what we look like? What if we learn to honor our bodies for giving us oxygen and nourishment? For allowing us to walk, dance, and play sports? For giving us the ability to smell fresh-baked cookies, hear beautiful music, and feel a warm hug?

Instead of focusing on appearance, let's try to recognize all the wonderful work we do in the world, sharing our talents, skills, humor, smiles, and love. If we can ease the body image obsession, we might be more open to receiving what others have to offer as well - enriching our lives, nourishing our relationships, and growing as people.

What's new with me ...

Sienna was off from school for the past few weeks, so I got to spend loads of time with her, swimming, swinging, crafting, writing, and lazing around. Tomorrow it's back to school and back to work!

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