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News: January 2024

What Exactly is Fascia?

You've probably heard the terms "plantar fasciitis" or "myofascial release,"" but few people are aware of the monumental role fascia plays in our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Fascia is a bodywide network of dynamic connective tissue that surrounds every organ, muscle, nerve, blood vessel, and cell in our bodies. It is made up mostly of collagen fibers that form nano tubules, which conduct frequency information throughout the body. This information can transmit long distances throughout the body because the fascia's gel-like structure is an excellent conductor of energy.

Fascia is described as being a fourth phase of water, known as plasma, liquid crystal, or structured water (H3O2), that can trap, conduct, and produce electrical currents. These currents transmit information from protons, electrons, hydrogen molecules, phonons of sound, and photons of light, all sent through chains of nano tubules. When collagen fibers are compressed, during a massage for example, a spark of electricity is initiated which then transmits mechanical vibratory information through the body.

Regular water, or bulk water (H2O), creates a boundary around the structured water. Fascia is negatively charged and the bulk water is positively charged, creating a biological battery that creates electrical currents, acting just like batteries we use to power our electronic devices. But like plants, we need not only water but infrared energy in order for the fascia to optimally function. The sun is the biggest source of infrared energy.

When our hydrophilic (attracting water) nano tubules have water and infrared energy, they become conduction systems that drive the flow of quantum particles through the tubes. This is how frequency and oscillatory information are transmitted long distances throughout the body. Light, sound, and movement create vibrations through the fascial network.

Scar tissue, adhesions, chronic stress, and trauma all can block the electrical flow of information and compromise the effectiveness of the fascia. This is where body-based therapies, like massage therapy or somatic therapy, can be life-changing.

Not only is it astounding to know that we were born with a built-in bodywide electromagnetic communication conduction system, but learning about fascia shows that we are inseparable from our environment. Light, sound, and a host of other vibrations are exchanged between our inner and outer terrain. The interconnectedness of our bodies extends outward, joining us with our world, and with one another.

Check out Strolling under the Skin for an incredible close up look at fascia!

Source: Catherine Clinton, ND, The Fascia & Chronic Pain Rescue Summit

Get Ready to Feel Amazing! My Favorite Full-Body Stretch Routine

One of the best ways to care for your fascia is by moving and stretching. Join me for this full-body stretch routine featuring my favorite stretches. This is a feel-good flow that will stretch your muscles, mobilize your joints, and increase circulation throughout the body. This routine is also fantastic for reducing anxiety, boosting your mood, and cultivating an inner sense of peace and calm.

You can use this routine as a cool down after a workout, as a movement and mental break, or as an energizing way to start your day!

What's new with me ...

Jesse, Sienna, and I had a fun-filled holiday season! Some highlights were being dazzled by the magnificent Christmas lights in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, and Seeing How to Dance in Ohio - Sienna's first Broadway show which she absolutely loved!

We also enjoyed a family holiday party in New Jersey, and visiting family on Long Island where Sienna had fun decorating gingerbread houses with her cousins. On New Year's Eve we checked out the beautiful Field of Light at Freedom Plaza.

All in all, a thoroughly delightful end to the year. Here's to many more adventures in 2024!

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