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east village, nyc

News: February 2010

Tired of the cold? Beat the winter blues!

"Are you feeling more emotional these days? Winters are like that, a more inward and sensitive time. Nature is in her resting season, quiet, withdrawn, deep in the earth and the roots, preparing for Spring. You also may be deeper within yourself, seeking replenishment, resting, reflecting, and being more aware of your senses. As the winter climates of cold and wet (snow, rain, or fog) chill you to your bones, seek inner warmth and spend more time at home with family and friends. ... There will be more and more light from now on. Winter seems to be a time to stay active in order to keep your body warm and your energy moving; it is also a time to get plenty of rest, good nutrition, relaxation, and sleep. Dream time is very important to replenishing yourself."

- from Staying Healthy With the Seasons by Elson M. Haas, M.D.

Did you know?

Massage therapy is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. I work with each client individually to develop a custom program for your needs. Benefits include stress reduction, pain relief, increased energy, better athletic performance, relaxation of tight muscles, increased body awareness and mobility, improved posture/structural integration, more restful sleep, increased circulation, learning self-care techniques, and much more!

What's new with me ...

I’ve gotten back to singing and dancing in full force! I’m taking voice lessons and I’ve been attending a theatre dance class twice a week – quite a challenge, but so much fun! I’m happiest when I have music and theatre in my life. I know time is scarce for most of us New Yorkers, but it is so important to make time to do what you love.

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